Exit Game at the foot of the Buda Castle in Budapest. The latest escape rooms belong to the most challenging and exciting ones. Only rumours tell it could be completed within time. Two rooms, extremely challenging, quality environment, logical quests for team players.

Get out there, if you can!


We recommend our latest games the Dictator and the Hangar 18 not only to the veteran fighters, but also to beginners, old and young, families, friends and even for corporate team-building events.

We believe that your experience has to be nothing but perfect from the first moment and this applies not only to the games.

Make yourself comfortable in our cozy lobby while you get ready for the game or stay and view others in action. We make sure that there is enough place and time for everything to provide a flawless experience for your team. We pay attention to every detail of the game and do improvements continuously to make the perfect even better.

We know how to build exit rooms

Find the wit and the excitement in our games built in Western Europe as well. They already welcome visitors with great success. If you'd like a well-built exit game with quality materials and smart ideas, then call us. We will design and build it for you. You can also buy the license for our games and we will build them in your city. Last but not least we are happy to provide counsel to make your own games even more successful.



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telefon+36 30 965 9059
email escape@verem.hu
cím 1013 Budapest, Pauler u. 18.

On every day: 10:00-22:00

We wish to bring to your attention that a reservation is necessary.