Exit Game at the foot of the Buda Castle in Budapest. The latest escape rooms belong to the most challenging and exciting ones. Only rumours tell it could be completed within time. Two rooms, extremely challenging, quality environment, logical quests for team players.

Get out there, if you can!


What kind of game is the ’Escape Game’?

It is a group entertainment game, called a “real life adventure game“ or a “reality escape game”. This is an interactive game where your team must escape the game room under the allotted time. The underlying theme is constructed through a variety of multimedia effects and gradual thematic development. Through the course of the game you will have to solve logical problems.

The games origins is the computer room escape game (or exit game), in which finding and using up a variety of objects allows you to solve a problem set granting you access to the next room, thereby giving you the ability to conquer all the rooms. The end goal is to find the way out of the last room. Our game is something similar, but it is set in a made up story and takes place in a real life setting, it’s as if you stepped into a movie or a fairy tale (or a video game).

Advices for beginners

In the interest of success everyone needs to work together. So don’t be afraid if you aren’t good at something, or you don’t have the insight for a solution, trust instead in your teammates. This is point of team building.

No objective knowledge is required to solve the problems, don’t be scared that you won’t enjoy the game if you aren’t good at history, literature or mathematics. Having the ability to build on creative ideas will facilitate your success, but the game is designed in a way such that even if you aren’t familiar with the task you can complete it by exhausting your options.

There can be problems where a variety of physical skills and cunning is required, but you need not be a juggler, or a weightlifter. Some of the problems emphasize thinking while others emphasize other skills, but the game master will inform you of this.

Some solutions require that you place associative thinking over a “strict” logical approach. Don’t expect to be solving any complex math problems!

During the course of the exit game the problems to be solved create a chain, usually once you solve one you can move onto the next. The chain is not necessarily linear, you could find an object that will only be of use later, or even in the interest of solving a problem you might have to go back to the first room for something. There will be some objects that will look like a potential problem to be solved but they are not required to finish, as such we have made the game quite challenging. It’s important that you observe everything around you!

To whom do we recommend our game as a teambuilding activity?

The game produces and wonderful team building effect, but not just within the workforce collective. The group experience can be through the company of friends, family members and school peers alike.

  • The group can only be successful is they share the work load.
  • Solving problems together and sharing an experience strengthens friendships, and improves a group’s ability to work together.
  • Individual roles are quickly developed, there will be those who play the managerial role, those who help foster communication, and then there will be some who like to delve deep into one problem.
  • In the interest of group success, certain common routines will develop, which are strengthened from game to game. The team building effect is even more identifiable if the “group” has gone through several similar room exit games before.
  • Due to the time constraint, developing problems will be quickly dealt with.
  • They will realize that team members having different skill sets boosts the effectiveness of the group, soon they will understand everyone’s contribution and will ask for help from each other more easily.
  • Previously encountered problems will be talked about and they will collectively try to avoid them.

How long does this game take?

From start to finish expect around an hour and a half of activities. We ask that you not arrive late for if the following team arrives on time then we need to shorten your playing time! Arrive instead 5-10 minutes early, so you are not rushing into the game straight off the street, this way you will have time to use the washroom and to listen through our tutorial (which will help you during the game). Getting in tune will boost your entertainment experience.

What should I know before the game start?

During the design of the rooms we made sure to focus on maintaining safety. Keeping with the rules laid out in the beginning by the game master you should experience the same element of safety as within a typical house. You won’t have to bring anything additional, but it will help if you come dressed comfortably. There are not any tasks where after completion your clothes will get dirty. Keep in mind that this is a basement where every object needs to be identified, touched, and moved, so don’t come dressed in a suit.

How many people can play at once?

The game is ideal when played in a group of 4-6. You should only play in a group of 2 if you are seasoned players, because you will not be successful. If you wish to play with a party greater than 6, then we recommend you set up two separate games and play one after another (in this case don’t forget to set more than one reservation). Besides the who gets out first factor, it will be interesting to see how two different groups go about solving different problems. The team who goes in first has the opportunity to observe the second team through the video camera.

What if we cannot resolve the tasks?

The game-master will meet you; he will help you at the start. Through the use of several cameras he will follow you attentively. If in any case you get really lost, the game-master can help you a little. He does this without breaking the mood of the game. The answers will not be disclosed, only hints will be given. If you would like you can discuss before the game how much help you want to receive.

What age can play?

Due to the nature of the tasks kids less than 14 won’t enjoy the game, we really recommend it for 14 years old and up. For children under 14 we require parental accompaniment.

Is it scary?

While the theme of the story is meant to be scary and surprising, we didn’t wish to reach this through scary sound effects and sudden surprises. The required “stress” element is acquired by the race against time and certain mood setting elements. After the game begins we will “lock” the door behind you. Seemingly you will be alone, but the game master will be following you through the use of several installed cameras. If you encounter any problems, of course your entrapment is only symbolic.

Can one play without speaking Hungarian?

The escape game is made in such a way that all necessary verbal information can be found in both Hungarian and English alike. This is true for the tutorial and all other information involved in the game. Thereby members of a team can be mixed languages even (Hungarian and/or English speakers).

If you still have any questions, please don’t hesitate to write to us, or call us on the phone!



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