Diktátor Szabadulós Játék Budapest

Korhatár> 14 years old
Létszám2-7 pers
Időtartam80 mins      
enigma szabadulós játékdifficult room

The collapse of dictators is sooner or later unavoidable! A fallen dictator is on the run, and you need to get into his secret hiding spot to prevent him from carrying out his evil plans of revenge. His hiding place is situated in the tunnel system of a nearby power plant. Getting in won’t be easy but fortunately a “traitor” will help you with this. The dictator left behind a bomb which could blow the whole power plant sky high. Your mission will be to diffuse the bomb and furthermore, to find the way out.



HUF 8.000 / game

HUF 9.000 / game

HUF 10.000 / game

emberemberemberemberember +
HUF 12.000 / game

The price for the escape game can be paid on scene in cash or by bank transfer in advance. Children under the age of 12 are not included in the price (in case of accompanied by minimum two adults).


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telefon+36 30 965 9059
email escape@verem.hu
cím 1013 Budapest, Pauler u. 18.

On every day: 10:00-22:00

We wish to bring to your attention that a reservation is necessary.