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Korhatár> 14 years old
Létszám2-7 pers
Időtartam80 mins      
enigma szabadulós játéksemi-difficult rooms


Very exciting, multi-room Exit Game! The bomb is ticking at the dictator's secret hiding place. After 80 minutes it all ends. Make your way to the ticking bomb and find a way to disarm it! The dictator fell, but are you going to win? Challenge yourself!


New Exit Game with even more rooms! The chilling truth is out there... Uncover the secrets of Hangar 18! Is the rumour true that aliens are hidden in the depths of the secret US base? Or is there even more than just aliens? The countdown is on, can you make it out with the gathered information? Succeed or fall, it’s up to you!


We build and run the most favored Exit Games home and abroad. We were introduced to Exit Games in 2012 as part of a family event and we knew immediately that we have to build our own games, build them even better, build them even more exciting…

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What is an Exit Game about?
It’s fun, cooperation and joint success.

Why is the Stack (Verem) the best choice?
We design our games in the spirit of challenge and teamwork.

Are the Exit Rooms very scary?
Not at all. They are exciting and entertaining, and they even make you sweat! Our games are open to children, except below 12 year olds who will need to be accompanied by an adult.

Whom do you recommend Dictator and Hangar 18?
Friends, families, participants of team buildings and generally to everyone who likes the escape room genre, or to those who just want to try it out the first time.

What makes the best Exit Games?
The rooms are designed at the highest level of detail, they have a wide space, multiple rooms, and a comfortable waiting room to get you started.

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